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Monday, 19 September 2016

Terrorism fears in USA after 9/11 and recent New York Bombing

Terrorism fears in USA After 9/11

Yesterday we have observed that strange kinds of bombs hit New York, which cause minor but effective impact on the hearts of Americans. Since 9/11 time to time USA being hit but different forces. but since the arrival of new name in the market which is ISIS which is nearly hit everyone all over the world. America is fighting all over the world for the shake of his peoples and to capture the OIL resources specially, due to which lots war games being running here and there.

Specially after yesterday bombing in New York the state department showing lots of concerns over the securities lapse inside America. There are so many factors who have already being their inside America which are hidden but hard to find.

If someone try to remove the  difference between super power of the world and super power of terrorism then things can be settle down. World is currently facing the terrorism is the major factor which is disturbing the world, every nation directly or indirectly targeted or effected through terrorism.


Shahid Sabir


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