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Saturday, 24 August 2013

How to Watch Youtube In Pakistan

How to Watch Youtube In Pakistan

This days in Pakistan peoples are facing a big issue on internet how to watch youtube. We all know PTA in pakistan blocked Youtube due to some reason, but people wanted to see it on regular basis for this purpose they are using different ways, different browsers, different techniques. Though there are some useful tools but all these tools bring lots of viruses.

Today i am tell you how can you watch youtube in Pakistan without installing any software like Hotspot sheild, Webfreer etc etc.

Just use this link in your browser and start surfing your Youtube.

I hope you will enjoyed it.

take care

Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to Earn Through Adsense

How to Earn Through Adsense
Hi Guys

I hope all of you are in good health.

Today i am going to share some tricks with you, i hope before me no one would like to do this beacuse every one wants to keep secrets inside and never disclose it with others. I am going to share how to earn through adsense or google adense i have seen still many people around the world wants to earn through google adsense and still they are failed to do this. I know there are many reasons which are stoping people from earning.

Mostly people who are failed beacuse they are not serious with work or in hurry and want to earn quick money from day one without any wasting of time. These people now onwards can do this but it become very difficult. Those people who are paitent and want to earn through google adsense they can do this but they have to spent some money i dnt need money from people they have to spent on money on those tools through which they can earn money.

I have started to work on adsense in 2007 and failed to earn a single penny :) and left the work in the end of 2007. Again earning money through internet raise in my mind and i jumped back and again started work over google adsense and failed again :) beacuse on each time i didnt used the basic things i just read stupid articles and tips and tricks for earning money through google adsense. All of these tricks of google adsense are fake and time wasting.

But in 2010 i started work with great heart and true spirit.This time i found some good people who supported me very well and their onwords i used my brain very sharply and found the new tricks and earning through Google adsense by my own self, which is i am going to share with you tricks are simple but very powerful.

Trick one i start using cheap IP hiding software and make page impression by my own self and make data on excel sheet. Though i found lots of help but free ip hiding software are always risky to use. Then i found Hide My Ass ip hiding software and do you believe i earned lots of $ through this IP hiding software i paid monthly 13$ for this software and earned 300$ and more per month without any hard work just used my brain and store my daily work on excel sheet.

You can also do this by using my formula in that formula you do not need any one helps only by yourself you can earn lot of money. In Hide My ass there are more than 25,000 IP address you can give your own page impression by using few different IPs than after changing IPs used USA IP address and than gave your own clicks on those Ads which you think are most paying. Keep using this process again and again and in the mean while you can utiltise the facebook where you can find out thousands of people who are available for clicks and page impression. You just ask for page impressions from other people and mind it give your own click by using different America, Canadian and England IPs.

Now enjoy this trick for the time being later i will add more tricks inside this post which will help you alot.

Good luck

you guys can contact me at this skype ID :  shahidsabir11

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Q mobile Noir A8 Charging Issue

 Q mobile Noir A8 Charging Issue

My Dear Friends,

As we all know these days Q Mobile is very much popular in the market. When i feel and seen their popularity graph is going higher and higher, than i decided to switch myself from Iphone to Q Mobile.
So now i have Noir A8 the phone is fully okay i used it with all different directions, this phone come with latest Android version as well.
Q mobile Noir A8  Charging Issue

But the main issue with this phone is the charging, when i put my phone on the charging very first time i seen that phone battery taking too much time to charge even after 5 hours i saw my phone got just 9% increase which is alarming for me. Next day i planned and reached at Q Service Center and where i asked the concerning person and he told me your mother board of this phone should be changed and then this problem will resolved.

The main concerning point for me is that at day i found 2-3 person with same model and having same problem of charging issue and they told me this phone mean Q mobileNoir A8 have main issue of charging because of this they decided to sale it.

So my dears friend who wanted or willing to buy this phone will be aware of this fact than they can go and buy Q mobileNoir A8. Other than this issue phone is perfect and if you do not have this charging issue than you can use it for long time.

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