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Sunday, 25 September 2016

how to earn online through paymentsurf

How To Earn Online Through Paymentsurf

Dear All,

I hope these days everyone would like to earn other than his/her business/job etc. There are too many ways you can find online through which you can earn, but keep few things are in your mind that there are so many fraud as well.

I have spent many years with the online work and faced to many scam/fraud as well but this is the part of my learning through this now i am very well settled with how to earn online. Today i will guide you the first step of how to earn online, through my this post at no point you will find that i am asking for myself because i will guide you to make a online account of a websurfer company who is providing money for those user who can help them to visit 200 pages daily.

Step 1

Make your account in Paymentsurf and get signup up. For registration click on the Paymentsurf.

Paymentsurf Signup
Step 2
Than you have to click on Signup
Paymentsurf Signup
Step 3
Now start filling your registration form make sure kindly use your active email account for your earning purpose.
Paymentsurf Registration

After your registration process you will received the confirmation email from paymentsurf now  open your email and click on confirm registration process. After this now you are a registered member of http://www.paymentsurf.com/?ref=59870

Step 4

Now you can see in the given below image click on Start Surfing button and start your earning. Keep one thing in your mind daily you have to visit only 200 pages you do not need to open any page all page will be open automatically. After viewing 200 pages Payment surf give you 0.80 $ so in the whole month you will earn 24$ without any effort.

Step 5

In the given below image you can see your earning in the autosurfer

Later on i will tell you how to double your earning in a month for this purpose kindly keep in touch with me via Mobile SMS or on Whatsapp. Keep safe my number i have other free earning tips for you as well where i do not ask you to pay me i wish that every one should earn. stay bless.



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