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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Latest Forex Signal

Latest Forex Signal
  3rdOctober, 2013

I am trying to give you some useful signal only daily basis but keep one thing in your mind that these are experts predictions only but you can check these according to your own mind, if it is works than its my pleasures.

BETA -  Propareos   levels (areas where probabilities of price action reversal or saturation reach 90%; valid till 15:00 GMT):
  • EURUSD:   1.3650-1.3665  on the upside, 1.3415-1.3430 on the downside.
  • AUDUSD:  0.9440-0.9455 on the upside, 0.9300-0.9315  on the downside.
  • USDJPY:  98.20-98.35   on the upside, 96.80-96.95  on the downside.
  • GBPUSD:  1.6275-1.6290 on the upside, 1.6135-1.6150  on the downside.
  • USDCAD:  1.0375-1.0390  on the upside, 1.0255-1.0270  on the downside.
  • NZDUSD:  0.8380-0.8395 on the upside, 0.8175- 0.8190 on the downside.
  • EURJPY:  133.70-133.85  on the upside, 131.10-131.25  on the downside.
  • EURGBP: 0.8415-0.8430  on the upside, 0.8300-0.8315  on the downside.
  • USDCHF: 0.9100-0.9115  on the upside, 0.8960-0.8975  on the downside.
  • AUDJPY:  92.80-92.95  on the upside, 90.25-90.40  on the downside.
  • EURAUD:  1.4585-1.4600  on the upside, 1.4300-1.4315 on the downside.
Warning! Propareos levels do not take into account fundamental developments. Their validity is reduced on days when the NFP is released and when Central Banks change their interest rate.

Latest Forex Signal

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