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Monday, 21 October 2013

How to Help Your Friend Who Is Being Abused

How to Help Your Friend Who Is Being Abused

It is hard to find out that your best friend is being abused. What are some things you can do to help? Hope these steps help you.
1. Tell somebody. It may be hard for you to break that person's trust, but you should. It will be better for them in the long run. Be careful that you tell an adult, not kids, though.
    • Ask before telling anyone else: he or she might not want you to tell anyone yet!
      • But, if you believe that you need to tell someone, then tell about the abuse to the "right" kind of person, for example: tell someone who needs to know, who should know.
2 Don't gossip and don't spread the news to non-interested parties (who has no business knowing). Telling news like this to people who do not need to know, may spread stories quickly. Telling others may only hurt the person being abused.
3.  Be there. Nothing helps more than a friend who listens.
4. Invite your friend over. If the person being abused is not with the abuser then they cannot be abused!
5. Invite the friend over for a weekend, to keep their minds off the abuse and to give them some time to heal a little. Sleepovers would also give you a chance to talk to each other; to have calm and fun conversations and even deeper conversations if that's what they need but either way, its good for them so have some time away from their abuser.
6. Let them know that after they've just been abused that if they would like to, and are able to, they could drop by your place to talk or at least meet up close by.
7. Help them relax. A few moments to themselves, some warm water and relaxing are three things at once that will help soothe them physically and possibly even mentally and emotionally; if they can't find that in their home, then invite them over and let them have a warm shower. A warm shower helps physical aches and pains, and the warmth and the quiet time will help them a lot.
8. Take them far away if you have witnessed them being abused. A hot drink will give them a peaceful feeling and something to concentrate on, when they've gone quiet for a little too long (which happens often in cases like these) then try to ask them if they're feeling any better or if they wanted to talk about what happened.
9. Give them some time to themselves if that's what they want. Don't leave them alone for too long but there's nothing wrong with some time alone.
10. If the abuse gets even worse and it seems like this person can't handle anymore of it, then insist on taking them to the hospital and then to the police. It may be the most difficult thing of all but it helps in the long run. If they refuse to go to the police then tell them that you'll go without them; they may prefer it if they weren't around when the police are informed, or they may eventually follow.
11. Like with sexual assault kits, being anonymous is sometimes possible to get medical care for certain injuries so try to insist on regular hospital visits.
12.  Let your friend know YOU'RE THERE FOR THEM! They need you there!
13.  Most of all, be a good friend to them.
14.  Give them a hug. Do so not only because they need it, but also because it shows that they are being cared for.
15. Be the best friend you can be to them, think if that was you in that situation. You'd need a friend and someone to talk to.

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