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Friday, 27 September 2013

How to work on MetaTrader EXNESS

How to work on MetaTrader  EXNESS
Dear Friends Hi/Hello/Namsty/Salam

After all these i would like to share some new earning way with you. After long search and discussion with different friends i have found Forex is the best choice after Google Adsense. Google Adsense is not that easy these days you only required to do all real work if you wanted to earn with Adsense, but in forex your luck matters, your smart brain matters, your knowledge about Market these all things will make you a good earner. So after completing my home work i decided to work with EXNESS. Exness is the best forex currently in the whole world lots of people earning through EXNESS. I also started my first Forex campaign through EXNESS and now I am doing my great earning through forex so after this I decided to share my precious views with those peoples who also wanted to earn money on Internet so this is the most reliable work.

Now I will tell you how start your work on Meta Trade Exness. Before becoming a good earner you first need training on EXNESS and you can do this after following these steps.         
Now open this site www.exness.com

How to work on MetaTrader  EXNESS
 Now Signup your self through Trial Account in EXNESS

How to work on MetaTrader  EXNESS
Now follow the instruction which is mentioned in the image while entering your information which should be real.

After registration yourself now you need to download Meta Trade 4 through which you can start you trial/demo work and make sure try to work honestly because if you done a good work on demo / trial account than you can earn through forex.
Now use that information here in the login window which were there on the website and follow the instruction. After entering the login and password your test will begin so be ready for the sharp decisions.
Now you are log on and on the left hand side you will find the currency chart will shows the up and down in the currency rates for the current time period or you may called a real time chart.
So your trade is begin in the trial account, try to compose yourself and make sure during your forex trade time do not give your time to any useless activity because in Forex business every single second count if you miss the chance of gaining profit than you have to wait for many hours to recover your lost and sometime the matter goes on many days and in the end result you have to face lost at any cost. Although forex trade business is good thing you will listen so many stories from different peoples but it doesn't mean that you decided one point. Here you have to be focused on many things.

Any how if you have any concern if you didn't under stand that what to do where to go than you can contact me on my Skype, my id is shahidsabir11 so don't waste your time start your trial work and give atleast 1 month before buying your real account.

There are lots of lots things to learn on forex and the main thing you to follow daily Signals, and you have to aware about what is Signals in Signals some of the world top experts give us clue about the rise and the fall of the currencies so we can follow that direction but not always. I am giving you the Forex Signal link which is already on my blog where I update on daily basis signal you can give idea from that link.
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