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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Get Adsense Account in Two Hours

Dear Fellows;

As we all knows very well since 2012 Google strickly work on Google Adsense Policy and on this base Google has banned to many accounts in all over the world. The most accounts were banned in India & Pakistan. Many users now are unable to get their Google Adsense Account because they do not have proper website with good contents.

Mostly user want to get their adsense account on their blog, which is not seems very very hard. If you want real adsense account for this you need real website which is again harder for a common user. For this purpose we are offering you a simple solution you can get your adsense account also earning upto 10$ and also go through your pay cash out.

Check out the detail packges.

Package 1:

Get Only Google Adsense Account in Two Days

In this package we offer you a fresh Google Adense Account for this you only have to pay 700rs. Within two Working Days we will provide  you registered and fully approved Adsense Account.

Package 2:

Google Adsense account plus earning upto 10$

In this package we provide users not only Google adsense account we also provide you earning upto 10$ in this package you will get fully register website with 1 year web hosting. Through this package you can earn on daily basis and all your work should be real and according to Google Adsene policy. In this package you have to pay only 4000/- rs.

Package 3:

In this package we will work with you until your first Payout/Cash out from google mean we will be there with you until your first payment from google. For this purpose we required 3 months time, because our work is real and real work will take time for this purpose you have to pay upto 6000/- rs.

Skype: shahidsabir11

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