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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Forex is real earning source?

Forex is real earning source?
Hi guys many people all over the world having a same question that is Forex is real source of earning???? but there are different openion around world.
I personally worked on forex so according to my opnion and mix with others openion i would easily say forex is not the real source of earning, you may consider its an second source of earning. Mostly people join it when they extra money, they want to become rich overnight or they want to earn money without any effort.

Dear all forex is just a game of luck purely   you just have to wait and make positive moves though sometime you may get wrong but still if u have good luck you can go through. 

On the other hand if you have most of the time bad luck than you should avoid to away from forex. Belive me forex earning never become your real source income so try to away from it. 

Many people showes you green garden but it doesnt mean that all is green so its better to invest your money on some other project.

In forex one day you are king and in next day you become begger so than why we run for it.

Finally i reapte my words Forex is not the real source of earning.

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