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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Q mobile Noir A8 Charging Issue

 Q mobile Noir A8 Charging Issue

My Dear Friends,

As we all know these days Q Mobile is very much popular in the market. When i feel and seen their popularity graph is going higher and higher, than i decided to switch myself from Iphone to Q Mobile.
So now i have Noir A8 the phone is fully okay i used it with all different directions, this phone come with latest Android version as well.
Q mobile Noir A8  Charging Issue

But the main issue with this phone is the charging, when i put my phone on the charging very first time i seen that phone battery taking too much time to charge even after 5 hours i saw my phone got just 9% increase which is alarming for me. Next day i planned and reached at Q Service Center and where i asked the concerning person and he told me your mother board of this phone should be changed and then this problem will resolved.

The main concerning point for me is that at day i found 2-3 person with same model and having same problem of charging issue and they told me this phone mean Q mobileNoir A8 have main issue of charging because of this they decided to sale it.

So my dears friend who wanted or willing to buy this phone will be aware of this fact than they can go and buy Q mobileNoir A8. Other than this issue phone is perfect and if you do not have this charging issue than you can use it for long time.


  1. If you don't have any solution then don't these F*K*NG Posts. GTH

  2. i think no need to abusive the main thing is we should have the real charger for charging

  3. I have Q mobile A5 and A6 and both the fones have the same problem the fones wont charge :S have been repaired but dont know what to do now.....

  4. I have read this post. collection of post is a nice one.o2 mobiles

  5. i have the same issue but i have my warranty so i claimed it other this no solution dear bcz in Qmobile if charging issue comes than u have re-charged the board


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